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About us

BAYLAN has begun to work in 1955 at fixing, maintaining and calibrating both water and electrical meter. Adding designer identiy to it’s experience more than half a century and technological superiority, BAYLAN has pioneering Turkish water and electircity meter sector with qualified and authorized personnel providing lots of innovation, pioneer service and technology to instrument tools.

The journey initiated by our founder Mr. Osman Baylan with the dream of creating a national Turkish brand in a small workshop, is carried to the future by his sons İbrahim and M. Akif Baylan brothers while protecting the values and corporate goals of the first day. Baylan branded meters and integrated systems are safely used in thousands of projects in over 90 countries.

That first production plant was based on 300 sqm closed area and 300 pieces of water meters were being produced per day. Then; Baylan has improved its technology with the help of the people who believed in and trusted us; in this way we caught the contemporary production style and founded our new factory at Atatürk Industrial Zone in 1995, which has 2.500 sqm closed area.Because of continuous and growing demands coming from our customers, our second factory that has 11.000 sqm closed area has been founded at the same place, which we started to build in 2004.

Our company is presently producing with high technology in two different plants located at Atatürk Industrial Zone, Çigli on 21.000 m2 closed area. The third and the latest factory having 50.000 m2 area has also been established within second quarter of 2014 and it is currently active.We have a staff of 800 people in total consisting of 80 engineers, technicians and workers who are specialized on their own professions. Baylan has the capacity to produce 20.000 pcs of water meters per day, and presently exporting its manufactured goods to different countries on all over the world. This fact has made Baylan an international and a well-known company in the world.

In our facilities, we produce different types of water meters from 15 mm to 200 mm nominal diameters. All of our products are approved by official institutes of European countries according to EEC 75/33 and 2014/32/EU standards. All of our meters have EEC and CE approvals.Our company is holding ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate which is given by Bureau Veritas. Our company has also ISO 17020, ISO 17025, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 45001 certifications.

Our company has retained the most remarkable support from its dear customers and its young and dynamic staff. Depending on the admiration and trust we gained, Baylan will try to be indispensible for its customers. We would like to thank to this family formed by directors, workers and customers.In our modern foundry, we use raw materials fully complying with European norms, besides this; we never use scraps in casting process. As a consequence of these facts, we produce lower and upper bodies with high strength and long life.

At our electrostatic paint shop; painting and drying furnaces are operative, and the type of paint which has no harm to human health, is being used during painting process. The meter bodies are machined wit CNC controlled machines and transfer machines with minimum tolerance values. Surface smoothness and all other measurements are controlled precisely one by one.

Baylan Water Meters keeps a significant budget for research and development studies, and consequently adds new, high technology products to its portfolio. Production of special moulds has been provided as a result of created designs at our research and development department with the support of CAD/CAM/CAE/UNIGRAPHICS programs. Baylan aims only to present new and modern products to its customers.


  • 1955 – Baylan Water Meter Repair And Service Workshop is Established.
  • 1992 – Baylan Had Managed To Manufacture 15.000 pcs Of Water Meters Per Month With its 35 Employees.
  • 1995 – Baylan Water Meters Activated its Second Facility in AOSB On An Area Of 3.000 sgm.
  • 1999 – Baylan AK-1 Prepaid Water Meter and Baylan Hot Water Meters production started.
  • 2005 –  Baylan-1 Production Facility is Established On An Area Of 11.000 sgm.
  • 2006 – Baylan AK-11 Prepaid Water Meter With Smart Card is Manufactured.
  • 2008 –  Baylan-2 Production Facility is Established On An Area Of 10.000 sgm.
  • 2009 – Baylan AMR Water Meter (Automated Meter Reading System) is Produced.
  • 2013 – Baylan AK-311 Prepaid Water Meter and Ultrasonic Heat Meters production started.
  • 2014 – The Factory is Moved To its New Facility Has An Area Of 50.000 sgm.
  • 2018 – Baylan Electricity Meters is Established On An Area Of 6.000 sgm.

Our Quality Policy

As being Baylan Measurement Systems, we aim to make our brand sustainable pioneering and unique trademark with manufacturing %100 domestic water meter, heat meter and energy meter to our customers without sacrificing quality with also many years of experiences.

While fulfilling this policy; We are committed to provide easy-to-reach, fast and reliable services to our stakeholders and our business partners, to raise the productivity to a level that can compete internationally at every stage of support processes by providing necessary resources, to respond to customer and product needs in the best way by reflecting innovation to improvements in the market, to apply a business model that keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level by offering after sales services, to create and maintain a trust-based business association with our suppliers and sub-contractors by handling effectively customer feedbacks, to improve the performance of the processes and the effectiveness of the quality management system with the participation of our staff, to produce water meter, heat meter and energy meter comply with the requirements of TS EN/ISO 9001:2015 and the other national and international current and defined legal requirements in the area where we operate in all our activities.

Our Mission

To keep being pioneer and one of the biggest company of our segment by make difference which comes from experience build up over years competing our rivals in water meter manufacturing.

Our Vision

To manufacture water meters which has without making concessions from our quality and sustainable trust for all our customers by combining technology and self-confident labour force in our segment.


Exports to 90 Countries in 5 Continents

High Technology, Top Quality…

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