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Metering Systems

Automated Meter Management System is a system that meters transmits assessment data via a modem ( Gateway or Communication Unit) mostly with RS485/422 protocol to central system.


The Water Meter Management Software has been designed by the talented and experienced Software Engineers to answer the needs of the public works offices practically and effectively. It is possible to entegrate the software with the current automation software of the public works.

Enhanced security enables only the access granted personnel to reach the database. Each user can enter the system with his unique ID and password. With the specified level of authorization the accessed menus vary. Software Turkish, English, French, Portuguese and Arabic language support.

The software has modules such as customer operations, sales operations, reporting services.

It is possible to access every information based on invoice records, customer records. The software has the ability to prepare analysis graphics based on list of customers who do not buy credit for a specified period, or a selected region of residence, or customers types.

Buying credit means automatically to carry the water meter state information to the vending point.

In order to receive the most recent information of the water meter, it is necessary that the water meter reads the card before bringing the card to the vending point.

If desired by the public works it is possible to setup kiosks which loads credit to customer cards in advance.

Specified by the water works authorities, water meters support up to 4 different step tariffs.

Step-Tariff database is created within the software. When the customer comes to buy credit to the card, the updated information database is transfered to the card.

Baylan Water Meter Management System is designed flexible to work with the current software that the public works use. The sales unit communication features are combined in a DLL library.

The current software used in the public works may easily integrate with Baylan Water Meter Management System by using this library. The software that the public works use creates a job orders so Baylan Water Meter Management System tops up the customer card with the desired amount of credit. The current management software used by the public works may perform the realization and collection steps while Baylan Water Meter Management System may perform the actual credit sales.

Acting independant from the current software Baylan Water Meter Management System can perform also the money collection. A common integration study may be completed with the software company of the water works.